Can you imagine if it was really raining men? Bodies would just start falling and you would have to hide inside but you could still hear the sound of bodies slamming against the ground. When you went outside, you would have to climb over all the dead bodies, and some of them would probably still be alive but really injured and there would be blood everywhere

OH MY GOD. I just watched the pool scene with Moriarty and Sherlock and Moriarty asks whether Sherlock has a gun in his pocket or if he is just excited to see him. And Sherlock says both. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT MORIARTY JUST ASKED SHERLOCK AND WHAT SHERLOCK AGREED TO? A gun or excited to see him. YOU KNOW WHAT HE IS SAYING???? HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE?

OMG I just realized something. In DIVERGENT, when Tris and Four are talking about their fears, he says something about how everybody has their own fears and he loops his thumbs through his belt loops. HE IS AFRAID OF HIS FATHER HITTING HIM WITH HIS BELT AND HE SHOWS IT BY LOOPING HIS FINGERS THROUGH HIS BELT!!!!